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Our Team

Over three decades working together in practice and with clients has made us a cohesive, “been there, done that”… results-generating, synergistic team. Our team has sat in the chairs of you and your team members for many years, so we coach with credibility, empathy, and peer understanding to help you create the practice or organization of your dreams.

We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions! Rather, we tailor our services to help you create your own unique, well-balanced, best possible destiny. Working closely with you and aided by insightful assessments, we will together create an effective action plan to achieve your preferred future.

Our Team of Associates

Because the RLF&A team has lived what you are living, something like a mind-meld occurs when we team up with clients. Their skill sets vary from teaching how to improve inner-office communications, create exceptional teamwork, institute values-driven business systems to interpreting value for your services and remarkable patient care. We perform actionable needs-assessment surveys ... all skills that aid in coaching you and your team on how to reduce practice stress—create a "Wow! Purple Cow" patient experience while dramatically increasing profits and everyone’s sense of satisfaction.

Get better acquainted with Dr. Bob Frazer and his Associates below.


Dr. Bob Frazer


Peggy Sharp

Executive Administrator

Bill Woodburn

Senior Associate, MEd, LPC, LMFT

Iréne Oldfather

Consulting Associate, RDH

Connie Valente

Consulting Associate, RDH

Lisa Alvarado

Leadership Coaching

Jason Luchtefeld

Senior Associate for Applied Strategic Planning, DMD, FAGD

Ryan Coulon

Teaching and Consulting Associate, DDS

Bob Greene

Organizational Applied Strategic Planning Associate, PE

Doug Reese

Senior Consulting Associate, MBA

Lee Frazer

Strategic Planning & Adult Learning Consulting Associate, PhD