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About Us

Are you looking for an experienced, proven team that can remove barriers to the release of you and your team’s greatest potential?

R.L. Frazer & Associates unleashes the potential of individuals and organizations to become more empowered, authentic, and able to live your life with purpose and significance. We will help you overcome barriers to release your greatest potential by providing innovative ideas, proven principles, and models from which a preferred future is created and achieved.

First, we listen to understand…and then work to positively influence your beliefs about how you can control your own destiny…creating your own success plan through our leadership, coaching, consulting, and success tools. From private dental practices to the large scale for profit and non-profit organizations, R.L. Frazer and Associates has an over 30-year history of providing transformational breakthrough results for countless leaders and their organizations.

As you consider your best possible future, explore how the R.L. Frazer and Associates team can help you create a life of uncommon success with significance.


Our vision is to be a most sought-after, results-focused leadership, performance coaching consortium, and learning resource group transforming leaders into creators of their own destiny through a new model of fulfillment, success with significance, and profitability. We achieve our mission through one of the finest teams in consulting today.

Our Core Values

  • Honoring God.
  • Service – giving without remembering… and receiving without forgetting.
  • Authentic Relationship - clients as friends.
  • Integrity – our word is our pledge.
  • Freedom – which goes hand in hand with responsibility.
  • Nature – especially wilderness.
  • Courage – to live our core values even in the difficult times.


Dr. Bob Frazer


Peggy Sharp

Executive Administrator

Bill Woodburn

Senior Associate, MEd, LPC, LMFT

Iréne Oldfather

Consulting Associate, RDH

Connie Valente

Consulting Associate, RDH

Lisa Alvarado

Leadership Coaching

Jason Luchtefeld

Senior Associate for Applied Strategic Planning, DMD, FAGD

Ryan Coulon

Teaching and Consulting Associate, DDS

Bob Greene

Organizational Applied Strategic Planning Associate, PE

Doug Reese

Senior Consulting Associate, MBA

Lee Frazer

Strategic Planning & Adult Learning Consulting Associate, PhD