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Personal Applied Strategic Planning

The Art & Science of Designing Your Future

What is it?

Applied Strategic Planning is the process by which the guiding members of an organization envision its future and develop the necessary procedures and operations to achieve that future.

For more than 30 years, this series has provided the most complete and certain way to create an intentional life and life's work resulting in fulfillment, significance, uncommon personal, practice, and financial success. Create a clear vision for your future with an action plan that enlists your team, gains freedom, and balance for you.

You will first assess your current situation as to what matters most. Then we will help you create a vision for your life and practice if both were the best they could be. We will then help you take these non-linear visions and merge them with linear logic to make them happen.

We do not live our lives to work, we work to live our lives!


The typical schedule for the Applied Strategic Planning (ASP) retreat series?

Thirty to 60 days prior to Retreat I, you will have an individual personal consultation and assessment with Dr. Bob Frazer or another Senior Associate. ASP is typically a series of three retreats for three to seven practices spread over six to ten months. Dependent on the size of the group, retreats are from 2.5 to 3 days in length.

Do I have to attend all three retreats?

No, you do not. However, we do want you to know from the outset that this is a series of retreats, each building on the one before. Although you may attend Retreat I without committing to additional retreats, 98% of Retreat I participants complete the entire series. Please reserve the dates for the other retreats, so you will have that option.

Will I get enough out of just one retreat, ASP I, to make it worth my while?

We're confident you will gain a great overview of Applied Strategic Planning and a strong start on the process. If you feel capable of soloing from there, you should be able to complete the process. However, team involvement and ownership in the ASP that begins with Retreat II is critical for most to be optimally successful. Also, the Stewardship of Wealth financial strategy is not presented until Retreat II. What you most miss from not participating in ASP II and III is the built-in accountability, direct team involvement, peer group learning, and our help developing and implementing your plan.

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