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Lisa Alvarado

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Strategic thinking comes naturally and enables her to facilitate small businesses in creating systems that achieve their goals. She is trained in the required skills, concepts, and presence to serve as an emotional educator and facilitator of transformation. She enjoys working with dental offices, helping them create practices that they love and systems that enable those practices to serve their patients with excellence and integrity.

Her first career in corporate healthcare provided a high value for systems followed by almost two decades in relationship dentistry expanded her thinking around creating systems that endure by building up the people who operate the systems. Lisa believes that doing brings learning.

Lisa studied with multiple coaching programs learning that developing healthy, successful organizations comes through empowering people. This inside-out approach brings joy to her work and strengthens changes made in dental teams and practices. She has worked with private practices as small as four and up to twenty-five team members, plus even some multi-practice organizations.

Lisa loves facilitating team learning through workshops, team meetings, and hands-on training that elevates organizational effectiveness. The safe workshop environment she creates provides the opportunity for key shifts in thinking and perspective that allow team members to exchange old habits for more effective new behaviors.

Lisa regularly attends the high-quality CE focusing on maximizing leadership, communication, training results, and self-discovery. She is a member of select study clubs where learning with peers both challenges and grows her skills and knowledge.

Outside of work she enjoys learning in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Her proficiency in leadership, motivation, practice administration (including top 2% business office systems), exceptional telephone skills, first class customer service, values clarification and interpretation, financial arrangements ... including lessening the impact of insurance, and ideal day and week scheduling are all highly valued by our clients. Her mission is to bring light into the world and bring every person she meets to the awareness that they are loved and valued. She aims to help people and practices to reach their full potential.


Organizational Psychology
Licensed Interactive Coach

Leadership Coaching
Team Leaders

Coaching Programs for Practices:

Own Your Role: Supporting congruence through clarification of roles and responsibilities.
Growing Together: Building Practice Success through unity.
Creating Structures for Your Success

Workshops Offered:

Inspired Systems
Say Yes!: How to hear more "Yes" from your team and your patients
Operationalizing the New Patient Experience
Team Building via DiSC

Special Productions:

ETEP Study Club: Exceptional Teams with Exceptional Practices

Emotional Intelligence
Annual Plans