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Connie Valente

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Connie started her career in dentistry in high school working part-time as a dental assistant. After receiving her dental hygiene degree, she worked in Austin, Texas where she had the pleasure to work with Dr. Frazer for several years. Connie was one of the first Steward Team members we were blessed to have over my 30 years. We are very excited to have her on our team!

While young and adventurous she accepted an opportunity to work as a dental hygienist in Lugano, Switzerland, and surrounding villages where she worked for 11 years. She collaborated with several dentists and dental facilities in northern Italy where she married while living on Lake Como. Dental hygiene was a new profession in Italy and her skills as a “Periodontal Therapist” were in high demand and was able to assist dental offices with clinical training.

Twenty years later she and her family moved to the area of Atlanta where she currently resides. Her three sons and three grandsons also reside in the Atlanta area. Since living in Georgia Connie has collaborated with Periodontists and General Practitioners both in the capacity of dental hygienist and office manager for a multi-doctor practice.

During her time in Georgia, she has also worked as Georgia Territory Manager for dental medical pharmaceutical companies traveling throughout the state assisting with lectures, seminars, and training offices on Soft Tissue Management and Smile Enhancements.

Connie’s extensive career in dentistry both clinically and with practice management adds to her insightful consulting while collaborating with teams.

In her spare time, she loves to create gourmet dinners and elaborate window treatments.