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ASP leads to successful action and results.

This phase involves the refinement and presentation of the ASP. Once your strategic plan is approved, swift implementation is critical. During Phase III, we are available to support your course of action on a variety of leadership levels as you deem necessary.

Strategic Planning

Phase III: ASP Implementation

Upon completion of the Applied Strategic Plan, we can assist with the presentation of your plan to the rest of your organization as well as the ratification and actualization. In this phase, we are available to help you with monitoring, refinement of your Balanced Score Card, and drafting a new Strategic Architecture that may be needed to best actualize the plan.


  • Alignment of your people with each other and the Applied Strategic Plan.
  • Greater fulfillment of the people doing the work.
  • A clear, consensus vison of the best we can be and an action plan to get there.
  • Elevated perceived value for your services or products among your target market.
  • Clarity of what, who, resources needed, how, and when of specific actions.
  • Development of your WHY and a Tagline that is powerful, original, unique, accurately and clearly expresses the benefits of doing business with you that powerfully appeals to your target customers.
  • Organization-wide acceptance, ownership and support of your new plan.
  • Support in monitoring and actualizing the powerful plan you have ceated.

Who Should Participate:

All those who can make the plan happen or keep it from happening.

What Participants are Saying

That was some of the best fly fishing I've ever experienced outside the Arctic! The fellowship and the discussions in the Think Tank are fun and stimulating as well.

Bud Ham
Denver, CO

What Participants are Saying

The Applied Strategic Planning process was extremely rewarding to me. The sessions helped me on the journey toward more effective leadership and caused me to realize that more growth is needed. You are to be commended for the excellent way that you worked with us, bringing out our best and correcting us when needed. You role modeled many valuable leadership skills. I learned how to better interact with others and express appreciation more often. I also gained considerable knowledge regarding the full scope of strategic planning, how to listen more effectively, and how to focus planning efforts into a coordinated plan. Your focus upon what is important in relation to God, family and relationships was most appropriate and contributes immeasurably to your success as a person and leader. Thank you again for your wonderful example of leadership. You have much to offer.

Dr. Charles Goodacre, Dean, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry
Loma Linda, CA

What Participants are Saying

I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed your workshop and our entire Texas experience! Teresa and I have already been implementing the three-appointment approach. We are all extremely excited and pleased with the responses we are getting - we feel invigorated and liberated somehow! I believe that I may have found the most inspirational information from your teachings in my six and a half years of dentistry! Dentistry doesn't seem so stressful when you're not putting pressure on people you don't know! Thanks for the experience!

Dr. Sue Marinovich,
Frankford, Ontario, Canada

What Participants are Saying

You've got to be kidding if you say "I've never heard of Bob Frazer." He has helped hundreds of dentists fulfill their dreams including mine. The sooner you do Applied Strategic Planning the better. No one is too young or old to do this life-changing experience.

Dr. Charlie Vogel
Springfield, MO

What Participants are Saying

The great thing about this workshop is that what I learned about EI will not only make me a much more effective team member, it will make me a better wife, mother, and whole person.

Heather Shoemaker, Treatment Coordinator
Buda, TX

What Participants are Saying

The Applied Strategic Planning with Dr. Frazer and team was one of the most meaningful things I have done with my team. Through the process, our team became much more unified and focused on what we really want for our office, our patients, and our lives. It was truly amazing, and I would highly recommend ASP for anybody, or any dental team, that really desires to create the life and practice of their dreams.

Dr. Phil Strevey, General and Cosmetic Dentist
Omaha, NE

What Participants are Saying

Powerful, challenging; and this has had great impact in making positive changes in my life.

Becky Smith, PhD, spouse & former team member
Bozeman, MT

What Participants are Saying

Dr. Bob Frazer's Applied Strategic Planning changed my prosthodontic practice and my personal life from hopeless to hopeful. I learned specific tools from a master dentist and teacher who lives and breathes what he teaches. I was able to take the information back to my staff and use the information immediately. Since working with Bob, I sleep soundly at night, because I know the professional and personal decisions I make are right for me, my family and my team. Since taking your courses, every other speaker I hear, clinical or motivational, makes more sense. I don't leave any class feeling sad, because I don't know how I'm going to make the information I learned work for me! Since ASP, I know how to implement what I want. It has taken all of your courses and these years of practice to completely fit the entire puzzle, called life, together. Thank you!

Dr. Estelle Zandstra, Prosthodontist
Alpharetta, GA