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ASP leads to successful action and results.

This phase involves the refinement and presentation of the ASP. Once your strategic plan is approved, swift implementation is critical. During Phase III, we are available to support your course of action on a variety of leadership levels as you deem necessary.

Strategic Planning

Phase III: ASP Implementation

Upon completion of the Applied Strategic Plan, we can assist with the presentation of your plan to the rest of your organization as well as the ratification and actualization. In this phase, we are available to help you with monitoring, refinement of your Balanced Score Card, and drafting a new Strategic Architecture that may be needed to best actualize the plan.


  • Alignment of your people with each other and the Applied Strategic Plan.
  • Greater fulfillment of the people doing the work.
  • A clear, consensus vison of the best we can be and an action plan to get there.
  • Elevated perceived value for your services or products among your target market.
  • Clarity of what, who, resources needed, how, and when of specific actions.
  • Development of your WHY and a Tagline that is powerful, original, unique, accurately and clearly expresses the benefits of doing business with you that powerfully appeals to your target customers.
  • Organization-wide acceptance, ownership and support of your new plan.
  • Support in monitoring and actualizing the powerful plan you have ceated.

Who Should Participate:

All those who can make the plan happen or keep it from happening.

What Participants are Saying

Powerful, challenging; and this has had great impact in making positive changes in my life.

Becky Smith, PhD, spouse & former team member
Bozeman, MT

What Participants are Saying

I wanted to thank you for such an enlightening weekend. I’ve been using the Awareness Wheel (positive conflict resolution tool) often and its working! My husband is learning to use it in his business w/employees with great success. The ‘dance’ you and bill do in the workshop is very comfortable and you compliment each other well.

Cory Richie, RDH
Holt, MI

What Participants are Saying

Linda and I are enjoying some of the fruits of Applied Strategic Planning. I would pass on to your new students that my office has been on fire since the retreats.It is occasionally three steps forward and one step backwards, but we are definitely heading in the right direction and my team is still practicing the lessons you taught us. Can't recommend any planning course I've heard of more than what you took us through.

Dr. Rick Chapman, DDS
Plano, TX

What Participants are Saying

I believe Applied Strategic Planning is a most valuable tool for practice development and team building. After all, I am back for a 3rd time, my 2nd with you. ASP has been an incredible tool for taking my practice from one level to the next. By working with my team to develop our personal visions and by sharing with one another, we build a foundation for creating a vision of our mutual future of choice. When such a group goes through this process of defining values and creating their vision, a very powerful sense of teamwork and mission is realized. This synergy has propelled my practice to new heights each time we have participated in the process. I cannot wait to see how quickly things change again. Thank you for creating such a great process for dentists to use in their practices.

Dr. Mark Kogut, Pediatric Practice
Dallas, TX

What Participants are Saying

Bob, I need to thank you again for what you did for Sandy, me, and my practice some 16 years ago. I have achieved the practice of my dreams, and it was because of Applied Strategic Planning, your wisdom and guidance. Thank you is not enough. You will forever be my hero!

Dr. Vic Feld, General and Cosmetic Dentist
Irvine, CA

What Participants are Saying

Since the New Patient Experience Practicum, I'm amazed at the difference in people's attitudes when I really listen to them. Treatment acceptance has risen dramatically. Although it takes a little more time at the outset, the extra time is worth the lower levels of stress when presenting treatment that I already know the patient wants. I actually look forward to going to work now! I have never in my dental career had anyone say, "I don't care how much this costs, I WANT THIS and I'll find the money for it." I had two patients say that to me in one week after implementing your process. What an amazing result, thank you!

Dr. Bethany Piziks, DDS
Cadillac, MI

What Participants are Saying

Thank you seems to be such an inadequate statement for the time we spent with you (during the New Patient Experience Practicum). For me it personally answered a lot of questions, but created even more - as any good paradigm shift does. We can all look back at "watershed" experiences in our careers; this has been one for me. It's more than just the practical application of Bob Barkley, it's the philosophy alive! For that I am eternally grateful.

Dr. Mark Adams, Prosthodontist
Flint, MI

What Participants are Saying

Dr. Bob Frazer was outstanding. I announced during his introduction that, in an effort to get more members to stay through Friday, I had saved the "keynote" for Friday. I could only hope that his presentation would provide the "Wow!" factor I needed to finish out the meeting. Everyone was tired, low on energy, and ready to go home, and then Bob started speaking. Within the first 30 minutes of his three-hour presentation, Bob had our energy levels back up, we were re-energized, and everyone was on the edge of their chair and participating. After another 15-20 minutes I left briefly to go to the restroom, where another Schulman Group member commented, "Have you noticed how the energy level in the room has spiked?" We both laughed and rushed back to the room so we wouldn't miss too much of the presentation. I can't tell you how pleased everyone was with Dr. Frazer's presentation; they were overwhelmed. Please accept my sincere gratitude for recommending Bob!

Dr. Ron Redmond, Director, Schulman Orthodontic Study Group