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Success Strategies for Dentists and Dental Teams

Lessons learned from a wet-gloved, highly successful dentist leader's perspective.

When you are ready to move toward the next level of success in your dental practice, it's time to look to a leader with 30 years of top 2% successful, fee-for-service, group practice experience—Dr. Bob Frazer. Bob is recognized as the foremost authority in strategic planning and strategic management in dentistry today. R.L. Frazer & Associates, Inc. can help you break through to your personally crafted future—what you have only dreamed of until now.

The experienced team at R.L. Frazer & Associates offers a variety of dental consulting, coaching, and educational programs, plus success products for those wanting to grow and thrive in fee-for-service practice. Together we will determine where you are finding fulfillment in your life and life's work: what's working and what’s not working, and then offer concrete, proven strategies and processes to help you reach your desired future for you, your team, and your practice.