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Personal Profile System - DiSC

The DiSC Personal Profile System is a research validated tool. It is not a test which one passes or fails. DiSC refers to four learned ways of relating to others and work (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Conscientiousness), this system presents a plan to help you understand yourself and others in the work environment. It heightens your understanding of your behavioral profile and helps to identify the environment most conducive to your success. At the same time, you learn about others, the environment they need to succeed and how best to communicate or work with them.

This easy-to-complete profile is truly invaluable in putting people in the optimal place in organizations and practices, so they can play to their strengths. It is also powerful in understanding those coming to us for care and effectively communicating our message in a way that moves people to action.

The DiSC is offered through a custom link generated by our office. An email is sent to the individual and once the DiSC is completed, the report is forwarded to our office. The results are interpreted, and a report is sent to the requesting doctor. If you are interested in profiling your entire team, please contact our office to discuss your options to maximize effectiveness.

We are pleased to offer this item in our Success Product Center.

Contact our office to gain access to the custom link where you can take the DiSC.