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Finding Your Eagles - Hiring Program

“Attracting, Selecting, and Retaining High Achievers’’

Serial entrepreneur Ross Perot said, "Eagles don't flock, you must find them one at a time!" This indispensable hiring guide will assist you in building the quintessential team for your office. It includes samples of proven "executive" search ads for virtually every position in your office which attract top 2% achievers. Plus, you will find specific questions for telephone screening and the interview process. We will ensure success through appropriate involvement of the best of your current team on "The Committee for the Success of ___________ (new hire's name)."

Also included in the Hiring Program is the Hezel Culture Smart (HCS - Performance Factor Analysis), an online developmental profile for your two final candidates (additional copies available). Over the last 35 years, the HCS has proven very reliable in identifying high achievers and exceptional team players. It can also be used for team member development and associate or partner compatibility assessment (see - Making the Right Choice).

We offer the Hiring Program in two different ways: First, with us working directly in your office to institute the program. Second, via off-site telephone support. Contact us at 512-346-0455 for more information or to order.

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