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Art & Science of Designing Your Future...Applied Strategic Planning

January 27 to January 29
09:00 am to 05:00 pm Austin TX

Intended for those who believe it is essential to have a clear vision for their future - with an action plan to achieve that vision that enlists and energizes their key team. A plan that can easily be acted upon leading to greater success, increased freedom, life balance and significance.

For more than 28 years, this series has provided the most complete and certain way to create a life and life's work of fulfillment, significance and uncommon personal and financial success.

The process gets under way with a thorough discussion with Dr Frazer or Dr Luchtefeld about the problems, challenges and opportunities you face and the results you wish to achieve. This is followed by some pre-retreat reading and questionnaires. Then a tailored three day Retreat I for doctors and spouses marks the formal begining.

Retreat II is typically 60 to 90 days later. You may commit to Retreat I only - experiencing what past participants describe as three of the most important and impactful days of their life. Although it is not necessary to commit to the entire series in the beginning, in more than 28 years of ASP - 98% have gone on to a subsequent retreat in order to completely develop their plan with our direct guidance and support.

Hundreds of doctors, spouses and core team member alumni attest to this being a most positive and life changing of experience - a certain path to uncommon success with significance. Individual Practice ASP Series is an individualized three retreat (2.5 days each) series held annually and on demand. Retreat I usually in Austin area. Retreat II & III we will come to a central location if feasible. Please contact our office to discuss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

What is it?

You can change your direction and ultimately your life by pursuing your highest vision of how you want your life and work to be. With our help, you will quickly and easily see clearly the actual steps you need to take to reach the life and work you most desire.

Applied Strategic Planning is the process by which an individual, the guiding members of a family, or an organization envision (imagine) their best possible future and then create the necessary systems to achieve that future. It merges non-linear vision with linear logic - not to control the future, but to be in creative cooperation with the future. With Applied Strategic Planning, we begin with the end in mind, meaning that every step of the plan is a step toward achieving your vision, not just a step toward accomplishing a plan.

Our Personal Applied Strategic Planning program is designed especially for excellence-oriented dentists, their spouses, their practices and teams. This transformational program, popular for over 25 years, consists of a pre-retreat consult and assessment followed by a series of up to three retreats in a secluded site in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

  • A clear vision of how you and your spouse or significant other would choose to live, including what you want to accomplish or experience, how you want to spend your time, and how your practice can support and be in line with your personal vision.
  • A concrete plan outlining action steps required to reach the personal vision of your best future.
  • A new sense of purpose creating active stakeholders within your practice who are more eager to contribute to your vision and mission.
  • The chance to envision the significant changes and most effective responses to the challenges and opportunities for your life and practice in the next several years.
Who Should Participate:

Any doctor or professional wanting to find greater fulfillment or life balance, facing a transition, or considering a partnership/associateship, desiring to chart a course for the next phase of their life and life's work, or seeking new ways to break through to the highest level of success and significance in their field. Reflect and refocus: If your life and work were the best it can be - a life of intention.

Pre-Retreat Consultation and Assessment

Before the Applied Strategic Planning (ASP) Series gets underway, we will profile you and your practice to identify your key strategic issues: both problems and opportunities. We'll do this through a pre-retreat questionnaire and telephone consultation, during which we'll also assess your desired outcomes and make certain this series will help you achieve them. If so, it's off to Retreat I - and the start of a life-enriching plan!

  • Like a good diagnosis before treatment planning, this Pre-ASP phase enables you to see the big picture and ensure a running start.
  • This assessment and chance to reflect give you and your spouse a common starting point for the planning work that lies ahead.

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Who Should Attend:

Retreat I: Doctors (or other professionals) and spouses/s.o. Subsequent Retreats: Generally includes your core/steward team.

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