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National Study Club

April 29 to May 01
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

R.L. Frazer & Associates NSC's 20th Annual Fall Retreat & 20th Anniversary Program

Examples of what to expect:

Exploring Our Inner Selves - How Greater Self Awareness Connects Our Past, Present, and Future"
A Journey to Greater Self Awareness

With Bill Woodburn, MEd., LPC-S, LMFT

In our Emotional Intelligence workshops, we talk a lot about Self-Awareness. It is the foundation of good EI, but something most of us put off learning much about. Without it, we stumble through life not sure of what we want and disappointed we do not get something more. Luckily, we can increase our self-awareness and learn to use it to deepen our relationships with ourselves and the people around us. Join us as we expand our self-awareness together through exercises, discussion, and thoughtful tales of struggle and joy. We will become conscious of who we are becoming and our ability to choose the path of our lives. This is an especially good workshop for folks in transition, heading toward ASP, or who might feel a bit stuck in their lives.

Bill Woodburn, MEd, LPC-S, LMFT-S has been a practicing counselor since 1988 as well as a professor and national workshop presenter. Growing up in a family of round-the-kitchen-table storytellers, he has never been too far from the power of stories. As a professional, helping people tell their deep stories has become his work with individuals and groups as they learn the difficult art of being human.

"What do you really want for your life and life’s work?"
"The search for the fully functioning self - promises to be the most fruitful endeavor a leader can undertake!" Angelis Arrian
With Bob Frazer, Jr., DDS & Bill Woodburn, MEd., LPC-S, LMFT

Bob & Bill will explore these three cornerstones of our life and life’s work from the perspective of people like you. One whose been in this great profession practicing, speaking and more recently coaching for 50 years and another whose led a gratifying career in counselling, teaching and more recently consulting for over 35 years. We will also share some of our personal story of sons, husbands, a father, and grandfather. We trust some parts of our journeys might be illustrative and helpful to you.

Together we will explore themes common to a fulfilled whole person and a committed, principle centered leader at home and work in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, fast paced, technology enhanced and encumbered world.

You will have an opportunity to do some self-assessment of your life, your leadership, and your legacy around themes for a life well lived that can help you to achieve what is most important in your life. In the best tradition of NSC – there will be break out group discussion and reports back to the larger group. We will revisit Core Values and help you leave with clearer vision of the legacy you wish to leave. Given the high congruence of NSC member’s core values this should be a wonderful sharing among kindred spirits.

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Who Should Attend:

Folks in transition, heading toward ASP, or who might feel a bit stuck in their lives.

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