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The National Study Club

NSC will begin its seventh year as a mastermind community for already high achieving doctor leaders who share, grow and support each other on their path toward success and significance…with excellence.

NSC’s mission is to provide a transformational, personal and professional growth opportunity within a mastermind-like community of evolving professionals that openly share, explore and discuss issues relevant to the members toward being fulfilled, successful and significant in all of our roles in life, while supporting and enjoying one another.

Some questions to consider in your decision to become part of this special group:

  • Would you enjoy a group that shares their challenges, problems and successes in leading the small business called a dental practice in an open, honest, supportive, and nonjudgmental way?
  • Would you like to learn and share best practices – virtually all the “secrets to success” –  that such an excellent group has developed around:

-       Branding, marketing and positioning – especially raising the Wow Factor

-       Hiring, training and growing high achievers 

-       Highly effective leadership that begins with leading oneself

-       Developing a truly transformational mindset

-       The Seven Essential Parameters for a highly profitable and joyful top 5% practice

-       How to maximize profitability without compromising quality

-       What makes associateships and partnerships truly thrive

-       Integration of high technology, plus its projected ROI

-       Elevating your emotional intelligence

-       Renewing your strategic vision

-       Better communication and patient motivational tools for case acceptance

-       A life well lived and a legacy that matters – “opening our sealed orders”

-       Mastermind of each other’s problems and opportunities.

-       The Five Practices of Exceptional Leaders – How you’re doing with each

-       Truly learning what works and doesn’t work … with no b.s.

-       How to easily monitor and achieve your strategic objectives


The Development of Balanced Scorecards (BSC) will be the central focus of this year's NSC.

BSC is a 16-year-old proven management tool developed at Harvard Business School and used by successful businesses large and small to monitor both financial and non-financial strategic objectives on a single page.

Our recent Retreat II of NSC introduced the BSC – to rave reviews. Since current members are about a day ahead of new members, a special “BSC Bonus Day” will be presented and required of all new members the day before Retreat I.

Our plan is to develop BSC’s first for our practices and then individual BSC’s for all key team positions. This will not only ensure actualization of your overall strategic objectives, but will also create measurable alignment for your business coordinator/office manager, hygienists and key clinical team. Imagine how helpful, stress reducing and concrete such BSC’s would be to both performance and compensation review.

What Is It
How It Works / The Process

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