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Lessons learned from a wet-gloved dentist's perspective.

When you're ready to move toward the next level of success in your dental practice, it's time to look to a leader with 30 years of top 2% successful dental practice experience, Dr. Bob Frazer, recognized as the foremost authority in strategic planning and management in dentistry today. R.L. Frazer & Associates, Inc. can help you break through to your personally crafted future - the future you only dreamed of until now.

The experienced team at R.L. Frazer & Associates offers a variety of dental consulting, coaching and educational programs plus success products for dental practices. They'll look at where you are finding fulfillment in your life and life's work and what's working in your practice, and then offer concrete, proven strategies to help you reach your desired future for you, your team and your dental practice.

" The overall Applied Strategic Planning Series was very positive and stimulating. Previous goal-setting seminars did not provide the tools to fully develop and implement a strategic plan. This process provided a new sense of excitement and clarity about where we are. It gave the team a sense of purpose about what we're trying to achieve. As a result of this process, our 21-year-old practice grew 25% in both gross and net the year after completing ASP. "

Dr. Bill Estes
Lake Creek Parkway Dental
Austin, TX

" You've got to be kidding if you say "I've never heard of Bob Frazer." He has helped hundreds of dentists fulfill their dreams including mine. The sooner you do Applied Strategic Planning the better. No one is too young or old to do this life-changing experience. "

Dr. Charlie Vogel
Springfield, MO

" Dr. Bob's Applied Strategic Planning Series has changed the way I live my life on a daily basis. ASP helped me to learn how to think for the future, realizing that even small daily decisions are either contributing to or taking away from my vision of the best possible life for myself. It also helped me to actually create the vision for that "best possible life" for myself - something I had not put much thought into!! It is a continual process and a revolutionary way to think and plan for a wonderful life, whatever that may be for you. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in learning how to create the life you wish to experience. "

Dr. Bethany Piziks
Cadillac, MI

" “Bob Frazer has been a friend, mentor and teacher to me and many throughout dentistry and corporate America for the past 30 years I've known him. He is an accomplished speaker, an articulate communicator, an intensely detailed Strategic Planning leader, and a compassionate and affective personal and professional coach. His insights are unique, his application of principles of learning are critically important, and most important of all, he helps people reach their life's goals by helping them clearly establish their personal and professional vision of their most preferred future, and then guides them towards that end. He has impacted my business tremendously and I've watched as he has added directly to the bottom line of his clients with increased revenues, lower costs, higher profitability and greater peace and fulfillment. There are few in the workplace I could recommend as strongly as Bob Frazer and his team at R.L. Frazer and Associates.” "

Doug Reese, MBA
Wealth Associates, Inc
Denver, CO
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