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A mastermind opportunity to share and learn with and from others who are on a similar path toward fulfillment, excellence and significance.

The mission of the National Study Club is to provide a high-level personal and professional growth opportunity within a mastermind-like community of evolving professionals that openly explores and discusses issues relevant to the members toward being more fully functioning, fulfilled and successful in all of our roles in life.

The Study Club explores and develops exceptional leadership through a series of teleconferences with two three day retreats with morning CE sessions with afternoons to enjoy our destination retreat location. Each evening there are planned dinners together to share in an extraordinary fellowship. Each member of this one-of-a-kind National Study Club is encouraged to complete the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) to understand their evolution as a leader as they begin this transformation experience.

The Study Club currently holds two retreats annually and is limited to 16 members.
Retreats are held in early Fall and Spring in such special places as Keystone, Mackinaw Island, Telluride, Sedona, Palm Springs, Santa Fe and Amelia Island.
Each Retreat focuses on a specially selected book for which Dr. Frazer has written a curriculum to discuss. These books tie leadership principles and best practices from other successful enterprises in very meaningful ways to growing a more successful, fulfilling and prosperous dental practice. (During 2017-2019, the books of Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Brene Brown, Paul Zak were featured.) Each retreat also includes two presentations by members on What they do well. The dialogue, sharing and learning is remarkable. 
There are nine teleconferences; each is recorded and each member receives a copy. Distinguished speakers often join us for these events. These speakers include authorities like Nido Qubein, Carl Hammerschlag, Bud Ham, and our own Bill Woodburn and Doug Reese.

studyNew member places are very limited, so if you are interested in being a part of this special study group contact us quickly.

NSC provides great fellowship, leadership growth and support from kindred colleagues committed to becoming all that they can be.
New members will receive the previous year's notebook and teleconference audios, plus a special orientation session at Retreat I.
Participants report that associating with this group of exceptional dentists who are also extraordinary people supports and stretches them in a way no other experience has ever done.

Who Should Attend:
Any doctor familiar with our work who wants fellowship and colleague support for a more joyful journey toward becoming an exceptional leader and authentically empowered whole person.

For new or former (not current) members, a registration deposit of $950.00 USD is due with registration. As part of the registration, you will receive all the learning resources and recorded teleconferences from the previous NSC year plus a "New Member's Only" two hour phone session. Then for all members, $560.00 USD is automatically posted monthly to your credit card for a series of twelve months. First right to renew each year is reserved for all present members prior to new members joining. A qualified doctor can join at anytime for a period of not less than 12 months. Please contact Dr. Frazer for more information. 

Visit our Calendar for upcoming course dates and registration information.

" I come alive with relationships - that is what this group is all about. "

Paul Davis
Dallas, TX

" The NSC is such a big part of my life and things will never be the same. The world is opening up in such a beautiful environment and I am so grateful. "

Dr. Bethany Piziks
Cadillac, MI

" NSC is the place where all the learning has come together. The combination of beautiful scenery, wonderful and supportive members, and a curriculum based on the needs of the members creates the opportunity for breakthrough learning. "

Dr. Don Taylor
Buda, TX

" “I have known Bob personally since the mid 1970's and have been a part of his Applied Strategic Planning series in the 90's and have continued to use Bob as a Mentor, being a part of his National Study Group for the past eight years. I can highly recommend him for his incredible expertise in helping you to Know and Truly Understand Yourself, Your Team and Your Personal Life. He has provided a web of intriguing ideas which have virtually transformed my life since I began working with him. And this is not to mention the people he has exposed me to, whom I would have never crossed paths with had I not known Bob. I place Bob at the same level as The Pankey Institute in changing the paradigms of my life and practice.” June 10, 2010 "

Dr. Matthew Steinberg
Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist
Austin, TX

" Bob, I can't thank you enough for inviting me to be a part of the National Study Club. Is there anything better than a group of highly accomplished dentists sharing their best ideas and experiences, forming close friendships and bringing solutions to optimize our lives and our practices? Yes! It's being guided by one who is widely regarded as one of the great leaders of modern dentistry. Thank you for being that leader! I owe so much of my success to you and the NSC. "

Dr. Jim Rutledge
Virginia Beach, VA

" Bob you have assembled the most extraordinary group of people for the NSC. They genuinely care about one another and are generous in their support and willingness to share. "

Dr. Mark Cook
Carbondale, CO
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